Andrew Thomas Kuster (Amarmos) is a writer and musician. As executive editor of Music of the United States of America, he has brought seven scholarly editions to publication (four won the Claude V. Palisca Award). He also teaches courses on writing and entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan School for Music, Theatre & Dance. His creative work (under the name Amarmos) includes Lessons With Hypatia and The Soulless for music theater, a series of cross-genre music recording projects, music production, and experience-based writing. Among his scholarly publications are the Kurt Weill Edition of Zaubernacht (co-editor), Heinrich Schütz's Geistliche Chor-Music, and Amy Beach's The Sea-Fairies. He received the Bachelor of Music degree in composition from Saint Olaf College, and earned the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, culminating with his dissertation Stravinsky's Topology. He produced recordings for, organized, and conducted musical ensembles such as Vitriol, helped digitize very old books for the Text Creation Partnership, taught orchestration and music literature at Eastern Michigan University, was staff editor for the Kurt Weill Foundation in New York City, and created a start-up company Make Your Book. Now, he co-parents his beautiful son on the autistic spectrum in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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